Intel Latest Celeron J1900 Nano PC
Published:2015-05-25 04:52:56    Text Size:【BIG】【MEDIUM】【SMALL
Summary:Recently,Hamsing have launched one most competitive nano PC.Very small size,but high performance and good price.
From April 1st,the latest Hamsing nano PC is launched.It's exciting product with very small size,only 126*134mm. But also high performance with intel latest celeron quad core J1900 processor and rich IO,such as:HDMI, VGA, USB3.0, COM, Dual Nic, SIM Slot support 3G/4G...

It is a perfect product which is easy to carry with, and could be widely used for many industries especially in digital signage,PIS...

With Aluminum+Steel enclosure, HS-N18/19BS and HS-N18/19BD could be perfect used in different bad environments, and could continue to work for a long time and without any nosie.

So, if you interest. Pls contact us:
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