KabyLake/SkyLake I7 Series Type/Part.NO:
Nano Fanless Firewall Barebone Type/Part.No:HS-NJ1900FW
Spec:Intel Celeron Nano Firewall Barebone with Muti Nic
Broadwell i5 Series Type/Part.NO:HS-5200U/5250U/5257U
Spec:2*HDMI 2*Lan 4*USB3.0
Broadwell i7 5500U Type/Part.NO:HS-5500U
Spec:2*HDMI 2*Lan 4*USB3.0
10G OPT Card Type/Part.No:PCI-E 10G Optical Card / OPT82599
Spec:PCI-E 8X, 2* 10Gb SFP+, Intel® 82599ES
HS N380 Thin Client Type/Part.NO:Thin Client / Cloud Terminal / HS N380
Spec:ARM11 800MHz, 128M RAM, 128M Storage, 4USB, Wifi Option
H81 Industrial SBC Type/Part.NO:HS-MH81
Spec:MITX H81 Based SBC With Dual Lan, Rich IO
OPS Haswell/ Broadwell Type/Part.NO:OPS Haswell/ Broadwell U Series / OPS-HB Series
Spec:Inte Core I3/I5/I7/Celeron(15W), SOC, HDMI, 3G/4G, Wifi
N2807 SBC Type/Part.NO:HS-3N28
Spec:Low Power, 3.5inches Fanless N2807 SBC
Fanless C1037U IPC Type/Part.NO:Fanless IPC / HS-C1037I
Spec:Celeron 1037U Based IPC With Rich IO, 6*COM, 8*USB, And 1*VGA+1*LVDS+1*LP
H67 Firewall Barebone Type/Part.No:HS-H67FW
Spec:Intel H67 Based, 6 GbE, FC GbE Option, 1U Rackmount
NM10 Firewall Motherboard Type/Part.No:D2550 4GbE Motherboard / HS-NM10SL
Spec:Intel Cedar Trail D2550 Motherboard for Network Security Application, 4 GbE
H67/B75 Firewall Motherboard Type/Part.No:HS-22B75
Spec:Intel Sandy Bridge i3/i5/i7 Motherboard for Network Security Application, 6 GbE, FC GbE Option
C1037U Firewall Motherboard Type/Part.No:C1037U 4GbE Motherboard / HS-NM70SL
Spec:Intel Ivy Bridge C1037U Motherboard for Network Security Application, 4 GbE, FC GbE Option
1G OPT Card Type/Part.No:PCI-E 1G Optical Card / OPT82580
Spec:PCI-E 8X, 2* 1Gb SFP+, Intel® 82580DB
I3/I5 Fanless Barebone Type/Part.NO:Intel Ivy Bridge Fanless Mini PC / HS-6764
Spec:Intel i3-3217U/i5-3317U, HM77 Chipeset, Dual Mini-PCIe Expansion, External HDMI + VGA/DVI
Cheap Fanless PC Type/Part.NO:Intel Cedar Trail Fanless Mini PC / HS-6636
Spec:Intel D2550/N2800 Based, NM10 Chipset, Fanless PC with Rich IO: Dual Lan, 6 RS232, VGI+DVI
Nano IPC Dual Lan Type/Part.NO:HS-N18/19BD
Spec:Intel Celeron J1800/1900 Based industrial NANO PC, Dual Nic, USB3.0, 3G/4G, Wifi, HDMI, Rich IO
C1037U Firewall Barebone Type/Part.No:HS-C1037UFW
Spec:Intel Celeron C1037U Based, 4 GbE, FC GbE Option, 1U Rackmount
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